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Sunita's Makerspace Clubs

Dance Club

Dance club in a school allows students to experience the wonder of dance and joy of performing. Students are exposed to different styles of dance form. They learn to see dance as an art a way of expression. Acknowledging this the endeavor of the dance to our students to explore the world of graceful movements of creative imaginations.

Drama Club

Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling. Drama club plays a very important in child’s development. Drama has the potential, as a diverse medium, to enhance cognitive, affective and motor development. Drama club is a discrete skill in itself (acting, theatre, refined skill), and therefore it is offered as a ‘club in our school.

Technology Club

Technology club works or preparing students with high abilities and skills which can allow them to perform their tasks efficiently and raise their skills in the areas of Computer Science and Information Technology in order to achieve success and self-professional excellence. It is done by developing their skills, and giving them opportunities to solve technical problems.

Language Club

This club aims at boosting communicative skills of a child by using situational and functional approach. The students tends to learn various expressions and sentences which are used in their day to day life. Apart from this, they are taught intonation, accent and vocabulary. Various activities such as debate, elocution, quiz competition, drama etc. are held by this club to provoke the passion for English Language.

Craft Club

The aim of craft club is to nurture the student’s creative spirit with these fun ideas. For making with just a few inexpensive crafts supplies. We’ll be giving your child our students the tools he needs to spark imagination and creative play.

Eco Club

Eco club encourages the students to be eco-friendly. It stresses on the three ‘R’s. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Students are convinced to use natural resources economically and judicially. They learn how to nurture and nourish the mother earth.

Photography Club

Photography club nurtures the art of photography to help the students to be innovative and creative in developing the skill of photographic sense. Inphotography club the students take photos while learning to love the craft more.A photography club is a group of students that embraces the artof photography.

Sport Club

“Sports not only builds a career but also reveal it.” Sports club cultivates sportsmanship, leadership and team work in the students. It enables the students to maintain physical fitness and amusement. The students feel relaxed from their academic syllabus and plays various indoor and outdoor games during club activity.


Music Club

Learning music in early life can make noteworthy difference to the development of child’s social cognitive and communicative skill. The music club provides a platform for students and nurture their talent at various events held by school. Despite their hectic schedules the teachers on campus come together put up their effort to teach the students about music.

Public Speaking Club

This club encourages the students to improve their communicative skills required while interacting with public. The students get the various strategies for public speaking such as content power, eye-contact, self-confidence, non-verbal communication, voice modulation and convincing power. It leads the students to become a effective orator.

Science Club

The students are exposed to the scientific skills such as curiosity, innovative ideas, reasoning etc. This club provide proper infrastructure and equipments to enrich the scientific insight into the students. The science fairs/exhibitions are held on a regular basis by this club which gives opportunity to the children to display their new ideas and inventions.

Event Management Club

An event is a unique moment in time celebrated with ceremony and ritual to satisfy specific needs. It nurtures leadership qualities, team spirit, creativity and soft skills. In our school, events like ‘Kala Utsav’, ‘Annual Function’ etc. are conducted. Students take responsibilities enthusiastically and develops their potential powers.

Maths Club

Maths club stimulates children’s mathematical curiosity and promotes a holistic development of students through the games and puzzles and also assists, stimulates and develop students’ interest in mathematics, stimulating thinking.

Art Club

An art club is a great way for students to be involved in art throughout the year. Generally, time is too short in the classroom. An art club can be considered as a nice supplement for those students who can’t get enough knowledge of art. An art club also allows more opportunities and freedom to try new things with students.